Providing the skills to navigate the digital landscape

Kafué Consultants work with leadership functions to strengthen their teams, support succession planning and develop the agility and resilience needed to navigate today’s digital landscape.

What we do

Kafué is a multi-disciplinary consultancy designed to help grow the resilience, agility and capabilities of executive individuals and teams, specifically those leading digital roles and who face a high degree of ambiguity in their day to day job.

Every service we offer focuses on strengthening executive teams and reducing risk, including headhunting for those roles at the interface of digital transformation and information risk, (including senior leadership team members as well as CISOs, CIOs and CTOs); comprehensive executive assessment, development and succession planning; psychometrics and benchmarking against digital leadership maturity models; and managing the Insider Risk.


Capability Development

We have considerable experience in the objective assessing and benchmarking of individuals and teams in critical functions such as cyber, risk and technology, and we advise on succession planning as well as personal and team development. This can include coaching if required.


Good cyber security is as much if not more about people than it is about technology. The CISO & Information Risk Officer Model (CIRO) is a five level maturity model that helps clients and individuals what good looks like in cyber security leadership. This model is widely used for deciding what level of cyber leader is needed for an organisation and also for assessing an existing cyber leadership team. A CIRO assessment will clarify succession planning and retention requirements within the cyber function

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Cyber Psychs

We have been collecting psychometric data on what good looks like for leaders in the cyber function and there are some interesting observations to make:

  • Female leaders in the cyber function tend to be stronger at driving and creating, are more communicative and prefer influencing to male leaders. On average, women scored higher on the logical tests than men.
  • Male leaders in the cyber function tend to be stronger at operating, are more resilient and socially confident than female leaders.
  • Both sexes are equally weak at task completion and hitting deadlines.
  • Both sexes are equally analytical, decisive, and action oriented.

We are using both the Lumina Spark and Dimensions psychometric tools to help assess workplace performance for CISOs, and their teams, under normal conditions and when under pressure. This helps to clarify any gaps in the team, and where best to focus development and training approaches to help with staff retention.

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Executive Search

We treat each search as a bespoke engagement and will limit the number of searches we have ongoing at any one time to maximise our focus on your requirements. We invest time sharpening our understanding of the brief, so that we are better equipped to find the most appropriate candidates for you. Our clients come from all sectors internationally and are both publicly quoted and privately held.

All our cyber candidates are benchmarked against our CIRO cyber leadership maturity model and undertake psychometrics. We have a rich understanding of what good looks like in cyber security leadership through the data we have collected.

Non Executive and Digital Advisory Boards

We can help find and assemble Digital Advisory Boards and Non-executive Directors with appropriate technology and information risk experience to improve digital risk insight within the main board.



Individual Insider Risk Assurance

We can offer an assurance process developed by leading experts from the UK National Security sector. This can be delivered as a separate package or incorporated into our executive search and capability development services. The output of this comprehensive assessment is an individual rating of:

High Assurance – No indicators of concern for this individual,
Medium Assurance – Some areas of concern identified that require management action,
Low Assurance – This individual displays characteristics which could represent a major risk if employed in high access / high sensitivity roles.

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