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Today’s executives face unprecedented challenges. In a volatile, digital world, they need to make informed and robust decisions about their companies’ security, operations and capabilities, then communicate and implement them at pace.

Kafué exists to give today’s leaders the necessary agility and resilience to succeed.

From Executive Search
to Risk Management

Kafué is a multi-disciplinary consultancy designed to help grow the resilience, agility and capabilities of executive individuals and teams, specifically those leading digital roles and who face a high degree of ambiguity in their day to day job.

Every service we offer focuses on strengthening executive teams and reducing risk, including headhunting for those roles at the interface of digital transformation and information risk, (including senior leadership team members as well as CISOs, CIOs and CTOs); comprehensive executive assessment, development and succession planning; psychometrics and benchmarking against digital leadership maturity models; and managing the Insider Risk.

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  • Assessment of individuals against maturity models including CIRO (our cyber security leadership model).
  • Cyber Psychs: online psychometrics for individuals and teams in the cyber function.
  • Tech Psychs: online psychometrics for individuals and teams in the technology function.
  • Board Level Assurance of Cyber Knowledge (BLACK): an assessment for non-executive board members.


  • Executive Search: we head hunt CIOs, CTOs, Chief Architects, CISOs and other senior leadership team roles managing digital transformation and information risk area.
  • We limit the number of searches we have ongoing at any one time to maximise our focus on your requirements. We invest time sharpening our understanding of the brief, so that we are better equipped to find the most appropriate candidates for you. Our clients come from all sectors internationally and are both publicly quoted and privately held.
  • All our cyber candidates are benchmarked against our CIRO cyber leadership maturity model and undertake psychometrics. We have a rich understanding of what good looks like in cyber security leadership through the data we have collected. We also look for relevant non-executive directors and help build digital advisory boards.


  • Individual Insider Risk Assurance helping clients implement policies and procedures to identify and contain individuals in their organisation with malevolent intent.


We coach high-performance attitudes, communication, mental agility and dealing with ambiguity.

Clean Water

We raise money for clean water initiatives and collect water quality data on our expeditions.


We raise money to protect the Zambezi River Basin from poaching and other threats.

The Three C’s

Coaching, Clean Water and Conservation: the Three C’s that underpin our RowZambezi organisation. Set up in 2011, RowZambezi brings together role models from the international elite rowing and Special Forces communities to coach and mentor young people as they explore the Zambezi River Basin in rowing boats. And, along the way, raise money for conservation and clean water initiatives. So far we’ve covered 2,400km of the Zambezi River Basin, raised almost $100,000 for clean water and conservation causes and we’re already planning future expeditions in Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique.

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