The Three C’s

Coaching, Clean Water and Conservation: the foundations that underpin not just our offering to high-performing businesses, but a commitment that looks to the wider world and works to protect its fragility.

Coaching. Clean Water.

In 2011 we set up an organisation called RowZambezi to explore the Zambezi River Basin in rowing boats. We have run three expeditions so far: in 2011 we rowed 1000km along the Zambezi River from Angola to Victoria Falls; in 2014 we rowed nonstop the 250km length of the largest manmade lake in the world, Lake Kariba; in 2018 we rowed 900km along the Kafue River through the second largest game park in Africa. We are planning future expeditions in Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique.

Expedition members experience tough, arduous conditions that test their ability to deal with ambiguity, to work in teams and to problem solve with agility.

RowZambezi brings role models from the international elite rowing and Special Forces communities to coach and mentor young people, and to raise money and practical support for conservation and clean water initiatives. Those are our Three Cs: Coaching, Clean Water and Conservation.

So far RowZambezi expeditions have covered 2400km of the Zambezi River Basin and raised almost $100,000 for clean water and conservation causes.


We coach high-performance attitudes, communication, mental agility and dealing with ambiguity.

Clean Water

We raise money for clean water initiatives and collect water quality data on our expeditions.


We raise money to protect the Zambezi River Basin from poaching and other threats.

Our Expeditions

2018 500km Kafue River Expedition

2018 300km Kafue Flats Expedition

2014 500km Kariba Moon Row and Lower Zambezi Expedition

2011 1000km Upper Zambezi Expedition